Contemporary Criticism

Comprehensive study material for M.A., M.Phil. and NET asprirants

By B.S. Nimavat, D.B. Nimavat; pp.184; Price Rs. 78.00; ISBN 978-81-7977-350-5

Q.1. Discuss J. M. Murry's views on ‘Pure Poetry'? Q.2. Discuss Allen Tate's views regarding ‘Tension in poetry' Q.3. Discuss Lionel Trilling's views in his essay ‘Sense of the Past.' Q.4. Write a note on Intentional fallacy by W.K. Wimsatt and M.C. Beardsley Q.5. Critically discuss Frank Kermode's views in ‘DISSOCIATION OF SENSIBILITY' Q.6. Discuss the role of the critic according to Helen Gardner in her essay The Sceptre and the Torch. Q.7. Discuss Jonathan Culler's views in Structuralism and Literature Q.8. Write a note on Modernism. Explain the characteristics of modernism. Q.9. Write a note on sociological criticism Q.10. Write a detailed note on Post-Modernism Q.11. Write a note on Russian Formalism Q. 12. Write a note on Structuralism. Q.13. Discuss John Crowe Ransom's views on criticism Q.14. Write a note on T. S. Eliot's Views in ‘Tradition and the Individual Talent’ Q.15. Discuss the views of I.A. Richards on ‘The Four kinds of meaning' Q.16. Write a note on Marxist Criticism Q.17. Write a note on Psycho-Analytical School criticism. Q.18. Write a note on Stylistics by H.K. Widdowson. Q.19. Write a note on Derrida's theory of Deconstruction. Q.20. Discuss the Critical views of Roland Barthes in ‘The Death of the Author.' Q.21. Discuss Northrope Frye's Archetypal Literary Criticism.

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