Nissim Ezekiel: Select Poems

A Critical Study by Ram Sharma, pp.152, Price: Rs. 68.00, ISBN 978-81-7977-493-9

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CONTENTS: Life and Main works of Nissim Ezekiel; Indian English poetry: An overview; Major Poetry collection of Nissim Ezekiel; Theme of Alienation; Voice of protest and self-assertion; Poetic art of Nissim Ezekiel; Cultural Discrimination; Theme of Disillusionment; Theme of Urban sensibility; An approach to Nissim Ezekiel’s poetry; Women in Nissim Ezekiel’s poetry; Language and Diction; Image and symbols; An estimate of Nissim Ezekiel’s poetry
POEM’S CRITICALLY EVALUATED: Philosophy; Night of the Scorpion; Poet, Lover, Bird-Watcher; Enterprise; The Visitor; Good Bye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S.; Poem of the separation; Background casually; In India; Marriage; Very Indian Poem in Indian English; Lawn; The company I keep; My Cat; In the country cottage; Two Images, Apoem of Dedication
University Questions; Suggested Readings

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