Aspects of Modern Criticism

By B.K. Pattanayak, pp.65, Price Rs. 35.00, ISBN 978-81-7977-300-0

Literary Criticism has become a part and parcel of Literary Tradition of our century. It has assumed a complex shape and so many critical movements have emerged due to the advent of different branches of study of Literature in our modern era. This book attempts to outline some of the major aspects of modern criticism. Designed primarily for students of Literature at graduate and post-graduate level, the work will, it is believed, be found useful to those who wish to know the abc of modern critical theories.

CONTENTS: Post-Structuralism, Derrida’s Theory of Deconstruction, Feminist Criticism, Derrida’s Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourses of the Human Sciences, Ronald Barthes—From Work to Text

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