The Indian Poetics (Bharata’s Natyasastra)

By B.S. Nimavat, Ami Upadhyay
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ISBN 978-81-7977-352-9

The Second edition is now available

1. The Background of Indian Poetics 2. A brief Survey of Indian Poetics 3. Definitions of Poetry 4. The Causes of Poetry 5. The Purpose of Poetry 6. Attributes of a poet (Kavi) 7. Genres of literary works (Kavya Bheda) 8. The Process of creation of poetry 9. Various Schools in Indian Poetics 10. The Rasa Theory 11. Sringara Ras (Erotic Sentiment) 12. Karuna Rasa (The pathetic Sentiment) 13. Raudra and Vira Rasa (The Terrible and the Heroic) 14. Hasya Rasa and Adbhuta Rasa (The Comic and the Marvellous) 15. The Bhayanaka and the Bibhatsa Rasa (The Terrible and the odious) 16. SANTARASA (The Tranquil) 17. The concept of structure underlying The ‘Natyashashtra’ 18. The Natyas as conceived by Bharata 19. Plot according to Bharata 20. Bharata’s views regarding characters 21. Bharata’s views about diction 22. Ten Guna (Merits) according to Bharata in a play-wright 23. Ten dosas (faults) in a play-wright according to Bharata 24. Four styles according to Bharata 25. Figures of speech available to the dramatist according to Bharata
Major Texts of Literary Theory in Indian Poetics
Glossary of important terms of Indian poetics
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