R.K. NARAYAN: The Guide

A Study

by: Som Deva, Girish Saxena

pp.: 140

Price: Rs. 50.00

ISBN 978-81-7977-417-5

This booklet, a guide on R.K. Narayan’s The Guide is an attempt to throw search light on Narayan and his The Guide. This booklet throws light on the art of R.K. Narayan and the various aspects of his The Guide. It explains the theme, the art, the characters, the society, the realism, the Malgudi, the marriage and the plot construction of The Guide in simple and lucid english.

List of Contents:
Growth of Indo-Anglian Fiction and Literature
Narayan’s Life and Works
R. K. Narayan as a novelist with special reference to The Guide
The Guide : An Introduction
The Guide : Detailed Summary
Theme and Background of The Guide
The Romantic Theme of the Novel
Realism in the Novel
The Social Issues in the Novel
An Economic Interpretation of the Novel
Typical Indian Scenes in the Novel
Narayan and the Regional Novel
The Guide : A Work of Art
Love, Sex and Marriage in the Novel
The Concept of the Tragic Hero : An Analysis
Characterization with Special Reference to the other Novels of R. K. Narayan
Characters of the Novel
Plot-Construction of the Novel
An Appraisal of the Novel
Narayan's Humour and Irony in the Novel
Critical Extracts
Question and Answers


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