A Critical Analysis

by: I.D. Sharma

ISBN 978-81-7977-459-5
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pp.: 120

Rudali by Mahasweta Devi is a powerful indictment of the socio-economic system in India. It also comes as an attack on the vestiges of feudalism in rural India. It is ironical that in India, woman is regarded as a representation of Goddess yet she is exploited and margnalised by the upper-classes. Rudali records the transformation of Sanichiri and her empowerment.
Different aspects of this great literary work are presented here to provide a broader perspective of the text.

List of Contents:

An Introduction
A Synoptic view of Rudali
A Detailed Summary
Feminism in Indian Context
Rudali : A Feminst Critique
Leading Themes in Rudali
Empowerment of Sanichari
Women Characters in Rudali
Rudali as an Indictment of Feudalism
Short Notes
     Women characters
     Depiction of Tribal Communities
     Rudali as an Indictment of Socio-economic System
     Character Sketch of Sanichari
     Character sketch of Dulan
Important Questions
Suggested Readings

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