with Critical Introduction, Notes and Comments

A.N. Gupta
Satish Gupta

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List of Contents :

Sarojini Naidu : A Biographical Sketch

Sarojini Naidu : Her Poetic Career
Her Poetical Works, Development of her Poetic Art

Sarojini Naidu : The Woman
Her Personality, Her Character and Temperament

Sarojini Naidu : The Orator
Combination of Poetry and Oratory, Her Gift of Eloquence and Poetry Combined in One and the Spell it Cast

Sarojini Naidu : Her Ideals and Methods

Sarojini Naidu : Characteristic as a Poet

Sarojini Naidu : Her Literary Affiliations

Sarojini Naidu : Her Achievement and Place

Sarojini Naidu : Her Art and Diction
Formal Aspects of her Poetry, her Technique

Sarojini Naidu : Her Imagery and Symbolism

Sarojini Naidu : Themes of her Poetry

Sarojini Naidu : The Folk Theme
Her folk Songs

Sarojini Naidu : Her Treatment of Nature

Sarojini Naidu : Her Poems of Spring Time
Theme of Spring in her Poetry

Sarojini Naidu : Poems dealing with the Pageant of Indian Life
Poetry of Nationhood, Poetry of National Life

Sarojini Naidu : Poems depicting her Love for Mother India
Patriotic note in her Poetry

Sarojini Naidu : Theme of Life and Death 
Theme of Challenge of Suffering and Pain and Death to Life
Double Strain in her Poetry—Frustration, Defeat and Hope
Element of Pessimism and Optimism in her Poetry

Sarojini Naidu : As a Romantic Poet
Element of Romanticism in Sarojini Naidu’s Poetry

Sarojini Naidu : Her Poems of Love
Her Treatment of the Theme of Love

Sarojini Naidu : Her Critics
Rise and Development of Criticism on her

Select Literary Criticism of Sarojini Naidu as a Poet
1. A poet of Indian life 2. Poet as well as patriot and orator 3. Flouting of the metaphysical tradition 4. Merits and demerits of Sarojini’s poetry 5. Her reputation 6. Varied themes and lyric sweetness of her verse 7. Sarojini Naidu had the aspiration to write poetry but she lacked the equipment 8. The Indian Nightingale 9. Her genius 10. Merits and failures of Sarojini Naidu’s poetry

Sarojini Naidu : General Introduction to her Poems

Annotation of Poems

Poems of Nature 
1. A Song in Spring 2. The Coming of Spring 3. June Sunset 4. Champak Blossoms 5. Leili 6. Nasturtiums 7. Ashoka Blossom 8. Golden Cassia 9. In Praise of Gulmohur Blossoms 10. Spring 11. The Joy of the Spring-time 12. Ecstasy 13. The Call of Spring 14. The Magic of Spring 15.  Autumn Song

Poems of Love 
1. The Flute Player of Brindaban 2. A Rajput Love Song 3. Song of Radha, the Milkmaid 4. The Temple    4 (i).The Gate of Delight :  a. The Offering b. The Feast c. Ecstasy d. The Lute-Song e. If you call me  f. The Sins of Love g. The Desire of Love h. The Vision of Love 4 (ii). The Path of Tears : a. If you were dead 4 (iii). The Sanctuary: a. The Illusion of Love b. Love Omnipotent c. Love Transcendent d. The Festival of Memory e. A Love Song from the North  f. An Indian Love Song  g. A Persian Love-Song h. To  Love

Folk and Indian Scene Poems 
1. In Praise of Henna 2. Harvest Hymn 3. Vasant Panchami 4. Indian Weavers 5. The Snake-Charmer 6. Palanquin-Bearers 7. Coromandel Fishers 8. Bangle-Sellers 9. Wandering Singers 10. Corn-Grinders 11. Indian Dancers 12. Nightfall in the city of Hyderabad 13. The Pardah Nashin 14. Village Song—1 15. Village Song—II 16. Cradle-Song 17. Suttee 18. The Festival of Serpents 19. The Indian Gipsy 20. Raksha Bandhan

The Song of Life and Death
1. Love and death 2. Life 3. Death and life 4. The Fairy Isle of Janjira 5. In Salutation to the Eternal Peace 6. To a Budha Seated on a lotus 7. The royal tombs of Golconda  8. The Bird of Time  9. Transience 10. A Challenge to Fate 11. Guerdon 12. The soul’s Prayer 13. The old woman 14. The Broken Wing 15. The Wandering Beggars 16. Lakshmi the Lotus Born 17. Kali, the Mother 18. The Challenge 19. The poet to death 

Miscellaneous Poems
1. The Queen Rival 2. In Salutation to My fathers spirit 3. To my Fairy Fancies 4. Imperial Delhi 5. The Lotus 6. To India  7.Hymayun to Zobeida 8. Damayanti to Nala in the Hour of exilte 9. My dead Dream 10. ongs of Radha Kanhaya 11. Summer Woods 12. Caprise 13. Song of Radha 14. To youth 15. The Bird Sanctury 16. Awake 17. Longing 18. Farwell 19. Solitude 20. At Dawn 21. The Prayer of Islam  22. The Garden vigil 23. The Pearl 24. Three Sorrows 25. Bells 26. Memorial Verses (i) Ya Mahbub (ii) Gokhle 27. Alabaster 28.To the God of pain 29. Ode to H.H. the Nizam of Hyderabad  30. Lokmanya Tilak

Chronology of Important Dates


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