B.K. Das

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Critical Essays on Research Methodology, Interdisciplinarity and Indian Literature is designed as a reference book for Post-graduate students, Researchers at the M.Phil and PhD level of Indian Universities. It contains chapters on Research Methodology, Interdisciplinarity, Indian Literature written and translated into English and Indian English poetry. Individual chapters are devoted to the writings of Jawaharlal Nehru, Nissim Ezekiel and Salman Rushdie. It also contains chapters on Subaltern Studies and “Reading Women as Texts”. This book also contains interviews with four distinguished academics.

This book would cater to the needs of Research Scholars of Indian Literature in our country.

List of Contents:

Teacher as Research Supervisor: Reconfiguring Research Methodologies

The Identity of Indian Literature : Language, Tradition and Culture

Interdisciplinarity and Indian  Literature

Conceptualizing India as a Nation and the oneness of Indian Literature through Translation

Translating India and Reading  Jnanpith Award Winning Texts as Pan Indian Literature

Reconfiguring the Statesman and the Writer in Jawaharlal Nehru

The Indian English Canon : The Case of Nissim Ezekiel and Salman Rushdie

Post-Structuralist Approach to Bibhu Padhi’s Poetry

Historicizing Subaltern Studies and Making a Gender Specific Reading of the Mahabharata

Reading Women as Texts : Reconfiguring the Immortal Longings in Helen, Cleopatra, Sita, Savitri and Draupadi

Land, Language and Nationality in Chha Mana Atha Guntha

M.K.Naik in Conversation with Bijay Kumar Das

Rajnath in Conversationwith Bijay Kumar Das

G.N.Devy in Conversation with Bijay Kumar Das

Rupin W. Desai in Conversation with Bijay Kumar Das

Bijay Kumar Das (1952-), PhD.,DLitt., is a contributor to The Encyclopaedia of World Literature in the 20th Century (New York). He has published a number of reference books which include Interpreting Poetry and Evaluating Criticism (2015); Perspectives on the Poetry of A.K.Ramanujan (2013); Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (2010, 2012, 2014);Critical Essays on Post-Colonial Literature (2007,2012); The Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra (2009); A Handbook of Translation Studies (2005, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013); Form and Meaning in Mahesh Dattani’s Plays (2008); Post-Modern Indian English Literature (2006, 2013); Critical Essays on Poetry (2003); A Handbook of Communication Skills and Functional English (2002, 2006, 2017); Shiv K. Kumar as a Post-Colonial Poet (2001); A Reader’s Guide to Ten Twentieth Century Indian Poets (1999); Aspects of Commonwealth Literature (1995); The Horizon of Nissim Ezekiel’s Poetry (1995); Perspectives on Indian English Poetry Criticism (1998); and Modern Indian English Poetry (1992). He has edited five reference books: Revisiting W.B.Yeats’s World and Art (2016); Academic Lives of Fifteen Eminent Teachers of English (2014); New Readings in Indian English Literature (2011); Comparative Literature (2000, 2013); Perspective on the Poetry of R. Parthasarathy (1998) and Contemporary Indo-English Poetry (1992). He has also co-edited one reference book entitled Studies in Postcolonial Literature (2007) and several text books including Nineteenth Century English Poetry (OUP, 1992, 1998). He has successfully guided 27 PhD scholars and was the Chief Editor of The Indian Journal of English Studies for three years (2007-09). He is the Editor of The Critical Endeavour since 1995. Formerly a Reader in English at Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, Dr.Das is now a Professor of English at Burdwan University, Burdwan (West Bengal).

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