A Study


S.P. Sen Gupta

ISBN 978-81-7977-651-3

Price: Rs. 120.00

pp.: 144

List of Contents:

The Life of Sophocles
The Writings of Sophocles
Sophocles’ Improvements in Tragedy
The Attic Theatre
The Theban Legend
Sophoclean Irony
Sophocles’ Philosophy and Religion
The Sophoclean Gods
The Plot of the Antigone
An Appreciation of the Antigone
The Ode on Man in the Antigone
The Romantic Element in the Antigone
The Character of Creon
The Character of Haemon
The Character of Antigone
The Character of Ismene
The Watchman
The Character of Tiresias
The Character of Eurydice
The Chorus
The Conflict between the Law of Man and the Law of God
The Antigone as a Tragedy
The Role of Brother in the Antigone
Some Significant Passages from Antigone

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