Charles Dickens: Hard Times

A Study

M.C. Saxena

ISBN 978-81-7977-604-9

Price: Rs. 105.00

pp.: 220 + xii

List of Contents:

The Age of Dickens
Or The Social Background of Dickens
Or Dickens as a Representative of His Age
Dickens : His Life and Literary Career
Dickens : His Works
Dickens : A Typical Victorian Novelist
Or Dickens : “Not Only the Most Famous of the Victorian Novelists. He is also the most Typical” (David Cecil)
Or Dickens : “The Faults of Dickens are the Faults of His Age”
Or Dickens : “He is a Great Entertainer, But a Poor Artist”
Dickens : His Characteristics as a Novelists
Dickens : His Limitations and Faults
Or Dickens : The Secret of his  Popularity
Dickens : Blend of Realism and Idealism in his Novels
Or Dickens’ Methods of Writing are Regarded as Old Fashioned
Dickens : His Plot Construction
Or Dickens: His Plots are Shapeless Bags which contain something for Everybody
Or Dickens : He may not Construct a  Story well but he Tells it Admirably
Or Dickens : Close or Ending of his Novels
Dickens : His Humour and Pathos
Dickens as a Satirist
Dickens : His Female Characters
Dickens : His Art of  Characterisation
Or Dickens : “His Characters are Both Types and Individuals”
Dickens : The Social Reformer
Hard Times : Introduction
A Short Summary of Hard Times
Chapterwise Summary with Critical Comments
The Plot-Construction of Hard Times
The Title of Hard Times
Hard Times as a Satire on Industrial Society
Hard Times as a Love Story
The Historical and Philosophical Background of Hard Times
Humour in Hard Times
Symbolism in Hard Times
Characterisation in Hard Times
Thomas Gradgrind
  Josiah Bounderby
  James Harthouse
  Tom Gradgrind
  Stephen Blackpool
  Mr. Sleary
  Mrs. Sparsit
  Sissy Jupe
  Mrs. Gradgirnd
  Mrs. Pegler
  Mc Choakumchild
The Theatrical Technique of Hard Times
The Message of Hard Times
Hard Times : General Appreciation
Who is Who in Hard Times
Select Literary Criticism
Important University Questions

Select Bibliography

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