Bilateral Economic Relations between India and EU

Sachinder Mohan Sharma

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The world is increasingly a “global village”, presenting common threats and opportunities. World leaders such as the EU (the world’s biggest economy) and India (the second most populous nation and fourth largest economy in purchasing power parity terms) must cooperate as global players and partners to reduce the threats and optimize the opportunities. The two shares many economic philosophies and objectives. Forging an economic alliance is therefore vital to both.

Indo EU trade has many dimensions and the spectrum of trade includes not only different composition of goods but also new areas of services including health, education, accounting, legal, tourism, insurance, banking, software etc. In this context the present study attempts to investigate the trends, nature and composition of bilateral trade and the effects of tariff and nontariff barriers on Indian export. Further, the study highlights barriers/ hurdles that hamper trade and investment flows between the two economies.

The book reveals an interesting and intriguing display of various shades of economical-status of various European Union countries.

S.M. Sharma is a post-graduate in Economics from Kurukshetra University, Haryana. He is NET and Ph.D in Economics from Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.   At present, Dr. Sharma is Principal (officiating) of G U Post Graduate College Baheri, Bareilly. He has participated in many national and international seminars and has also organised a seminar, sponsored by U.G.C. in college campus where he is associate Professor of Economics.

List of Contents:

Review of Literature
Background Inter Linkages of India and European Union
Analytical frame work of bilateral trade Relations
Shifting paradigm of Trade Diversions
Findings and Recommendations

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