W.H Auden: A Critical Study of Selected Poems

By: S.C. Mundhra

pp.: 270, price: Rs. 75.00

ISBN 978-81-7977-354-3

List of Contents:

1. W.H. Auden and His age

2. W.H. Auden:  Life and Poetical Works

3. Early Themes—Marxism and Psychology

4. Later Theme: Religion

5. Auden’s Concept of Love

6. Auden’s Treatment of Nature

7. Symbolism and Imagery in Auden’s Poetry

8. Auden’s Poetic Style and Technique

9. Auden as an Anti-Romantic Poet

10. Auden as a Modern Poet

11. An Estimate of W.H. Auden as a Poet

An explication of following poems

In Memory of W.B. Yeats ; The Shield of Achilles ; The Unknown Citizen ; Petition ; Spain 1937 ; September 1, 1939 ; Mundus et infans ; Diaspora ; Miss Gee ; Consider ; Musee Des Beaux Arts ; O What is that sound or The quarry ; O Where are you Going? OR The Three Companions ; Lullaby Or Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love ; The Wanderer ; Who’ Who Or A Shilling Life ; In Praise of Limestone ; Woods ; Streams ; Refugee Blues

Selected University questions On W.H. Auden’s poetry

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