Anita Desai: Fire on the Mountain--A Critical Study

By Vinay Dubey

ISBN 978-81-7977-360-4

pp.: 168, Price: Rs. 60.00

List of Contents:

Novels of Anita Desai—An Outline ; Narrative Techniques of Anita Desai ; Themes of Exile and Alienation ; Themes of Love, Sex and Marriage ; Trauma of House Wife ; Search for Roots ; Vision of Art of Anita Desai ; The Real Self ; The Inner Crises ; The Existential Dimensions ; The Search for Meaning ; Chapterwise Summary Character of Raka ; Character of Nanda Kaul ; Character of IlA Das ; Compare and Contrast between Nanda Kaul and Raka ; Title of the Novel ; Appreciation of Novel ; Conclusion

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