Using English in Science and Technology

(Third Revised and Enlarged Edition)

by: R.K. Singh

pp.: 350, Price: Rs. 95.00

ISBN 978-81-7977-386-4

Using English in Science and Technology by R.K. Singh has been republished with considerable revision and addition to help tertiary level students of science and technology improve their written communication skills.

First published in 1986, the book has been in use in certain major technical universities in India and referred to by others elsewhere.

The book provides a need-based, skills oriented, applied language course of science and technology in university level technical institutions. It generally emphasizes development of students' capacity for self-study, and lanuage and communication skills, particularly the skills for effective academic writing, just as it prepares them for studies in many scientific and engineering fields such as chemistry, physics, geology, ecology, mining engineering etc.


1. Scientific and Technical Writing : Certain Characteristics
2. The Process Model of Writing

English in Scientific Discourse
  1. Using Impersonal Passive Voice
  2. Writing Instructions and Describing/Reporting
  3. Describing Objects
  4. Describing Processes and Graphical Presentation of Information
  5. Writing Definitions
  6. Writing Narratives
  7. Writing Classifications
  8. Writing Explanations
  9. Using Comparison and Contrast
10. Writing Hypothesis, Prediction and Conclusion
11. Generalizing and Exemplifying
12. Using Thought-Connectors

Use of Punctuations

Outlining, Paraphrasing and Summarizing
1. Outlining
2. Paraphrasing
3. Summarizing


Understanding Instruction Verbs, or Answering Essay-type Questions

Using Polite expressions

Organizing References

Sample Texts and Exercises Unit 1 to 7

Materials referred to and/or Recommended for use in class

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