EDWARD FITZGERALD'S Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

edited by K.N. Joshi

pp.: 140, Price: Rs. 60.00
ISBN 81-7977-196-2

Edward FitzGerald’s version of Omar Khayyam’s rubais has attained a world-wide reputation. Omar, who was little known in his own country for his Persian Rubaiyat, drew the attention of poets, critics and scholars the world over because of FitzGerald’s version. FitzGerald’s version is an inspired recreation rather than a translation, as the suppleness of its diction—full of ease and grace reveals.

Beside the original version of FitzGerald, Hindi translation to FitzGerald’s version and original rubais of Omar Khayyam are also given in notes for better understanding of the context. This book also provides an introduction to Edward FitzGerald, Omar Khayyam and Rubais.

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