Samuel Taylor Coleridge: BIOGRAPHIA LITERARIA

(Chapter 4, 13-22)

edited with Detailed Introduction, Text, Critical Commentary and Notes

by: M.C. Saxena

pp.: 300
Price: Rs. 120.00
ISBN 81-7977-148-2

List of Contents:

Introduction to Coleridge

Romantic Criticism
Coleridge : A Biographical Sketch
The Evolution of The Biographia Literaria
The Structural Unity Of The Biographia Literaria
Coleridge On Anonymous Criticism
Coleridge’s Theory Of Imagination
Fancy And Imagination : Wordsworth Versus Coleridge
The Theory Of Poetic Diction : Wordsworth Versus Coleridge
The Question of Metre : Wordsworth Versus Coleridge
Coleridge As a Wordsworthean Critic
Coleridge as a Shakespearean Critic
Coleridge As a Miltonic Critic
Coleridge On Poetry And Poet
The Influence Of Coleridge
General Assessment Of Coleridge as a Critic

TEXT with Critical Commentary, Notes & Annotations

Model Questions And Answers

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