CHINUA ACHEBE: Things Fall Apart

a study
by: Jaya Lakshmi Rao

ISBN 81-7977-175-X
Price: Rs. 50.00
pp.: 116

List of Contents:

Chinua Achebe and African Literature
“Things Fall Apart” : Story in Outline
Important Themes in “Things Fall Apart”
The Language of “Things Fall Apart”
Structure and Style of “Things Fall Apart”
Plot Construction in “Things Fall Apart”
Twin Tragedeis of “Things Fall Apart”
Elements of Classical Tragedy in “Things Fall Apart”
Colonialism in “Things Fall Apart”
Okonkwo, The Central Character of “Things Fall Apart”
The Fall of Society of Umuofia or The Significance of the Title “Things Fall Apart”
Why did “Things Fall Apart” in Umuofia?
The Arrival of the Missionaries.
The Anarchy of the White man in “Things Fall Apart”
“Things Fall Apart” as Historical Novel of Africa
The Use of Folk Tale in “Things Fall Apart”
The Value and Essence in of Proverbs in “Things Fall Apart”
Image and Symbol in “Things Fall Apart”
Other Important Characters
Suggested References

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