Girish Karnad: HAYAVADANA

a study

by: B.S. Nimavat

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ISBN 81-7977-086-9

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List of Contents:

 Brief History of Indian Drama in English

 Girish Karnad: Life and Works

 Girish Karnad as a Dramatist

 The Sources of Hayavadana

 The Summary of Hayavadana

 Character-sketch of Padimini

 Character-sketch of Kapila

 Character-sketch of Devadatta

 Character-sketch of Hayavadana

 Character-sketch of Bhagvata

 Chorus in Hayavadana

 Humour in Hayavadana

 Strategies of Folk Theatre in Hayavadana

 Memorable Lines from Hayavadana

 Sanskrit and Indian Words and Phrases with Short Explanations

 Critical Opinions about Girish Karnad and Hayavadana

 Questions for Self-Practice

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