Margaret Atwood : Bodily Harm

a critical analysis

by  Raj Bahadur Yadav, Kalpana Rajput

pp.: 72

Price: Rs. 35.00

ISBN 978-81-7977-513-4

List of Contents:

A Brief Introduction to Canadian Literature
Margaret Atwood: Life and Works
“Who survives, who doesn’t?” An Interview with Margaret Atwood By Isabel Slone on August 30, 2013*
Margaret Atwood’s Contribution in Theorizing Canadian Literature
Chief Trends of Margaret Atwood’s Novels
Summary of Bodily Harm
Summary in Hindi
Bodily Harm: A Tale of Survival  Or A Realistic Narration of Two fold Politics
Justification of Title
Character Sketch of Rennie
The Role of Female Protagonist in Bodily Harm
Flashes of Scholars on Margaret Atwood and Her Novels
Suggested University Questions
Short Questions with Answers
Bibliography of Margaret Atwood
Awards & Recognitions

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