R.L. STEVENSON : Select Essays

by  Raghukul Tilak

pp.: 280

Price: Rs. 105.00

ISBN 978-81-7977-525-7

List of Contents:

Literary Background or English Essay in the Age of Stevenson
Life and Career of R. L. Stevenson
Works of R. L. Stevenson
Stevenson as an Essayist: Chief Characteristics
Stevenson’s Essays: The Autobiographical Note
Stevenson: His Prose-Style   Or   Stevenson as a Craftsman  Or  
          Stevenson as an Artist in the use of Words

Essays with TEXT, Introduction, Appreciation, Summary, Annotations and Explanations
Walking Tour
An Apology for Idlers
A Plea for Gas Lamps
Random Memories
The Ideal House
El Dorado
Crabbed Age and Youth
Child’s Play
Aes Triplex
A Night Among The Pines (Travels with a Donkey)
A College Magazine
Books Which Have Influenced Me

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