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by : Nidhi Agrawal

ISBN 978-81-7977-544-8

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pp. : 173 + vii

Brighton Rock is considered as a modern classic for the immortal techniques used by Graham Greene. The novel is initially planned as a crime novel that later turns into murder mystery and also indicates metaphysical issues of Good versus Evil. Brighton is a place where one finds attractive sea side resort as well as hub of criminal activities. Greene toured this place several times to absorb the atmosphere and cultural life of Brighton. The result of these visits comes in the form of his novel A Gun for Sale (1936) that includes the story of two gangs. Kite, who was the leader of one of the gangs, extorts money from bookmakers as a token of protection and was killed by the rival Colleoni gang. The assassination of Kite leads to the action of Brighton Rock (1938), in which Pinkie is planted to take revenge of Kite’s murder.
The present book discusses the various techniques and devices that Greene has used to display the mental status of an amateur gang leader who entangled himself in a web from which he was never able to come out until some invisible hands led his soul for the purification. The major topics of the novel are jotted down in such a way that they will enhance the artistic value of the novel for the reader. The important events of each part of the novel are given in the end of this book that will definitely help the reader to have a quick but thorough view of the novel.

List of Contents:

Graham Greene : A Biography
Introduction to Some Other Novels of Greene
Graham Greene as a Novelist
A Short Summary of the Novel
Detailed Summary of the Novel
Summary of the Novel in Hindi
Discussion on Major Topics
   Heaven and Hell/Salvation and Damnation
   Aptness of Title
   Good Vs Evil/ Right and Wrong
   Relationship of Pinkie and Rose
   Motifs Symbols and Images
   Interwoven Themes in the Novel
   Stylistic Pattern in the Novel
Important Events of Each Part

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