Kamala Das : The Voice of a Rebel

A Study of the Poet and Her Poetry

by : Sunita B. Nimavat

ISBN 978-81-7977-543-1

Price : Rs. 70.00
pp. : 138 + vi

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Kamala Das is one of the most original voices in Indian English Poetry. She stands out for her rebellious note against traditions, taboos and patriarchal domination. She is the first poet who presented women’s sexuality in blatant manner. She naturally shocked taboo-ridden Indian Society with her open expression of sexual description both in her poetry and her autobiography. She is a confessional poet who has laid bare her heart. The cravings of women for love and even physical satisfaction. Her poetry is intensely personal but at the same time, it is the expression of universal ferminine sensibilities.
Here is a well-researched book on Kamala Das. It will be useful both to teachers and students studying at undergraduate or post-graduate levels. It will also be useful to scholars and researchers. Author has tried to include all important aspects of Kamala Das’s poetry and also discussed her major poems.

List of Contents :

Life and Career of Kamala Das
Major Works of Kamala Das
Major Themes of Kamala Das’s Poetry
Kamala Das as a Poet of Love and Lust
Feminine Sensibility is Kamala Das’ Poetry
Kamala Das as the Confessional Poet
   Or Autobiographical Element in Kamala Das’s Poetry
Art & Technique of Kamala Das’s Poetry.
   Or Kamala Das’s Language Diction and Style.
The Imagery and Symbolism in Kamala Das’s Poetry
Social Concerns in Kamala Das’s Poetry
The Language of Loss in Kamala Das’s Poetry
Feminist Perspectives in Kamala Das’s Poetry
Everyday Epiphanies in Kamala Das’s Poetry
Radha-Krishna Myth in Kamala Das’s Poetry.
Suffering, Agony and Death wish in Kamala Das’s Poetry
Nostalgia for childhood in Kamala Das’s Poetry

Critical Appreciation of Kamala Das’s Selected Poems
An Introduction
The Freaks
My Grandmother’s house
In Love
The Dance of Eunuchs
Punishment in Kindergarten
The Sunshine Cat
A Hot Noon in Malabar
The Invitation
The Looking Glass
The Old Play-house
The Suicide
The Maggots
Summer in Calcutta

Hints to Objective & short Answer questions. (Easy to Remember Points)
Objective Question (Multiple Choice Questions)  (Useful for NET/SLET Exams)
Kamala Das at a Glance.

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