A Critical Miscellany : Essays in Honour of Dr. Basavaraj Naikar

by : Shashidhar G. Vaidya

with a foreword by
Prof. C.R. Visweswara Rao
(Former Vice-Chancellor, Vikrama Simhapuri Univ.)

ISBN 978-81-7977-535-6

pp, : 142 + xviii

Price : Rs. 165.00

List of Contents :

The Origin and Development of Indian English Short Story

M.R. Anand’s ‘The Barber’s  Trade Union’: A Note

The Hammer of God: A Note on Raja Rao’s ‘Javni’

Serpent Symbolism: A Note on Two Short Stories of Raja Rao and Khushwant Singh

A Kaleidoscopic Vision: Short Stories of Basavaraj Naikar

Silent Sufferers: A Note on the Women Characters in the Select Short Stories of Veena Shanteshwar

Struggle for Honour and Freedom in The Sun Behind the Cloud

The Vision of Harmony in Light in the House

From Restrain to Release; a Feminist Note on William Shakespeare’s As You Like It

The World Ill Lost: A Critical Analysis of Sangya Balya

Kanakadasa: A Carmelite of Karnataka

Rebel Consciousness of Kanakadasa

Life and Works of Prof. Basavaraj Naikar

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