A History of The English Language

A.N. Dwivedi

ISBN 978-81-7977-546-2

pp. : 186 + vi

Price : Rs. 80.00

List of Contents :

Launching into the subject 
Definition of Language
Theories of the Origin of Language
Kinds and Functions of Language
Approaches to Language
The Importance of the Historical Approach
The English Language and its salient features

Classification of Languages 
The Indo-European family of languages
English and the Teutonic languages
Grimm’s Law
Verner’s Law

A Historical Survey of English 
Periods in the history of English language
Old English—its dialects and characteristics
The native element in English
Middle English—its dialects and characteristics
The rise of standard English
Modern English and its characteristics

Clasical Influences 

Foreign Elements 
American English

Word-making in English 

Makers of English 
Shakespeare’s Contribution to the English language
The influence of the Bible upon English

Sounds of speech and their clasifiaction 
Gradation (Ablaut) and Mutation (Umlaut)
The great vowel shift

Pronunciation and Spelling in English 
The problem of spelling reform

The Growth and Simplification of English grammar
The decay of Inflexions in modern English—Noun, pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs

Notes on 
Sources of English Vocabulary
Masculinity of the English language
Basic English
English in the present day context
English in India

The future of English 
Etymology: The historical aspect of words 
Etymological notes on selected words 
Semantics: The changing meaning of words 
Syntax: The ordering of words 


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