Andrew Marvell : TO HIS COY MISTRESS

with Introduction, Text and Notes

S.P. Sen Gupta
S.C. Mundhra

ISBN 978-81-7977-563-9

pp. : 128 + viii

Price : Rs. 55.00

List of Contents :

Background : The Metaphysicals and Their Age
Andrew Marvell—His Life and Works
Andrew Marvell as a Poet
The Metaphysical Poetry and Marvell
Themes in Marvell’s Poetry
The Poetry of Andrew Marvell : An Assessment
Select Literary Criticism
To His Coy Mistress
Introduction to the Poem
Analysis of the three verse-paragraphs
Summary of the poem
A Critical Appreciation
A famous love poem
‘Carpe Diem’ theme
Classical Theme
Tone and Movement
Expression of varying moods
Conceits and use of wit
The syllogistic construction of the poem
Notes and Comments
Select Bibliography

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