A Handbook of Communication Skills and Functional English

IIIrd Edition

by: B.K. Das

ISBN 978-81-7977-588-2

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pp. : 138 + vi

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A Handbook of Communication Skills and Functional English deals with various aspects of human communication (both oral and written) and Body Language (Non-verbal Communication). Group Discussion, Debates, Negotiations and Audio-Visual Aids enhance the merit of the book, Different skills like Reading Skills and Writing Skills have been analysed for the benefit of second language learners. Copyediting, Indexing, Hypertext, Project Writing, Testing and above all, Internet Communication are important features of the book.
This is an invaluable book on Communication Skills and Functional English.

Dr. Bijay Kumar Das, PhD. D.Litt is an eminent critic and author of numerous books on Literary Criticism, Translation Studies, Postcolonial Literature, English Literature, Indian English Literature including individual books on Nissim Ezekiel, Jayanta Mahapatra, A.K. Ramanujan, Shiv k. Kumar, Mahesh Dattani and R. Parthasarathy. He has edited New Readings in Indian English Literature (Prakash Book Depot, 2011). Recently in June 2016 he has edited a Seminal book, Revisiting W.B. Yeats’s World and Art. He has successfully guided 25 PhD scholars at Utkal University. Bhubaneswar and Burdwan University, Burdwan (W.B.). He was the Chief Editor of The Indian Journal of English Studies for three years (2007-2009). He is the Editor of the well acclaimed Research Journal, The Critical Endeavour since 1995.
Previously a Reader in English, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, Dr. Das is now a Professor of English at Burdwan University, Burdwan.

List of Contents:

1. Language and Communication
2. Body Language or Non-Verbal Communication
3. Oral Communication
4. Dyadic Communication
5. Meetings
6. Seminars and Conferences
7. Group Discussion
8. Debates
9. Negotiations
10. Audio-Visual Aids
11. Written Communication
Letter Writing, Business Letters
12. Reporting
News Reporting, Business Reports, Reports of Communication in Government
13. Writing with a purpose
Paragraph Writing, Essay Writing, Writing a Short Story, Precis Writing
14. Reading with a purpose
Skimming, Scanning, How to use a Dictionary, Note Making
15. Advertising and Job Description
16. Copy Editing
17. Hypertext
18. Indexing
19. Project Writing
20. Booking and Making Deposits
Reservation/Cancellation, Depositing Cheques/Cash/Bank Drafts
21. Testing and Types of Tests
Proficiency Tests, Achievement Tests, Diagnostic Tests, Placement  Tests, Objective versus Subjective Tests, Discrete point versus Integrative Testing, Norm-referenced versus Criterion referencedTesting, Communicative Language Testing
22. Communicative Language Testing
23. Socio-Cultural Communication
24. Internet Communication 

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