TOPONYMICS: A Branch of Onomastics

A Linguistic Study


N.S. Sahu

ISBN 978-81-7977-595-0

Price : Rs. 350.00

pp. : 170 + xxii

In this book, author has tried to bring to the problem a worked-out theory of meaning as well as of the phenomenon of naming and reference. It suggests a way of fitting a theory of proper names into general framework. The importance of this study is for a better understanding of contemporary religion, history and culture. The compound, complex and phrasal place-names found in the twin districts of Raipur and Durg concern themselves with human coordination and commands of enterprising acts and are of great historical significance.

The book is a linguistic probe to look into the realms of the place-names in particular and names in general to formulate an opinion from the structural, semantic, linguistic, socio-linguistic and psycho-linguistic view-points. A leak of relatively more informations is traced out to discover the antiquity more precisely than history can afford.


What’s in a Name

Study of The Place-Names : A Genre in Onomastic Science

Socio-Cultural Milieu

Linguistic Boundary of the Dialect of Chhattisgarhi

Structure of The Place-Names

Nature and Types of The Place-Names in the Districts of Raipur and Durg
Classifications of The Place-names

Sociology of The place-names

Source study of the Place-names

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