A Handbook of The Indian Poetics and Aesthetics

Theories of Rasa, Dhvani, Alamkaras. Riti, Vakrokti and Aucitya etc.

by: Ami Upadhyay

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Part I
What is Aesthetics? Characteristics and Brief History
The Background of Indian Poetics
A Brief Survey of Indian Poetics
Definitions of Poetry
The Causes of Poetry
The Purpose of Poetry
Attributes of a Poet (Kavi)
Genres of Literary Works (Kavya Bheda)
The Process of  Creation of Poetry
The Classification of Arts
Natya, Nataka and Kavya
Siddhis : The Purpose of Art
Vrittis and Pravittis
Abhinaya and Dance in India
Arts : Auditory, Visual and Audio-Visual

Part II
Various Schools in Indian Poetics
Rasa in Vedas, Upanishadas and Ayurveda
Rasa as Ananda
Rasanispatti and Rasasvada
The Rasa Theory
Sringara Rasa (Erotic Sentiment)
Karuna Rasa (The Pathetic Sentiment)
Raudra and Vira Rasa (The Terrible and the Heroic)
Hasya Rasa and Adbhuta Rasa (The Comic and The Marvellous)
The Bhayanaka and the Bibhatsa Rasa (The Terrible and the Odious) 
Santarasa (The Tranquil)
The Concept of Structure Underlying The Natyashashtra
The Natyas as Conceived by Bharata
Plot According to Bharata
Bharata’s Views Regarding Characters
Bharata’s Views About Diction
Ten Guna (Merits) according to Bharata in a Play-wright
Ten Dosas (faults) in a Play-wright according to Bharata
Four Styles According to Bharata
Figures of Speech available to the Dramatist according to  Bharata
The Use of Language in the Work of Art according to Sanskrit Poetics
Para, Pasyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari
Relationship Between Sabda and Artha
Dandin as a Poetician (Dandin’s views on Art in his Kavyadarsa)
Alamkara School of Poetics
Riti School of Poetics and Vamana’s Philosophy of Poetry
Dhvani School of Anandavardhana
Kuntaka’s Theory of Vakrokti
Abhinavagupta’s Contribution to Indian Poetics
The Theory of Aucitya (Ksemendra’s Contribution to Indian Poetics)
Rajasekhara’s Kavyamimansa
Vishwanatha as a Poeticianb (His typography of Various Genres of Kavya)
Pandit Jagannatha’s Contribution to Indian Poetics
Hemachandra Acharya’s Contribution to Indian Poetics and Grammar
Ananda Coomaraswamy as a Modern Aesthetician and Art Historian
Indian and Western Literary Criticism and Poetics (A Brief Comparative Study)

Part III
Major Indian Theorists and their Works  (Aesthetics/ Poetics and Commentaries
Bharata’s Natyasastra (Division and Contents)
Glossary of Important Terms of Indian Poetics
Selected Bibliography

Prof. Ami. U. Upadhyay is a young dynamic Professor of English. She is working as a professor of English and Director, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. At present, she is shouldering the responsibility of I/C registrar of the university also. She has presented papers and participated in more than 65 International, National and State Level Conferences and seminars. She has been invited as a keynote/plenary speaker and resource person for more than 55 seminars/workshops/conferences. She has more than 30 publications in form of research papers, articles and books to her credit. She offers her services as an editor and reviewer to many national and international journals of repute. She is associated with many renowned academic institutes/universities as a Member of Board of Management, Member of Board of Studies, Member of Academic Planning Board, Member of Academic Councils etc. She is also a member of various academic and professional bodies like IACS, CLAI etc. Her areas of interest are Feminism, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Adaptation of Literature in various forms, Translation Studies, Gender Studies, ELT, Communication Skills and Various Teaching Methodologies with special reference to English Language Teaching. Her interest in Interdisciplinary studies has encouraged her to contribute in various fields of knowledge. She is also an adept classical dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. She has performed and earned recognition as a classical dancer at National level.

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