Contemporary Critics and Critical Theories

Comprehensive Study Material for M.A., M.Phil. and NET aspirants

by : Dushyant Nimavat

ISBN 978-81-7977-600-1
Price : Rs. 165.00
pp. : 258 + vi

Contents :

J.M. Murry’s views on Pure Poetry
Allen Tate on ‘Tension in Poetry’
Lionel Trilling’s views in ‘Sense of the Past’
‘Intentional fallacy’ by Wimsatt and Beardsley.
Frank Kermode on ‘Dissociation of  Sensibility’
Role of a critic according to Helen Gardner.
Jonathan Culler’s views in ‘Structuralism and Literature’
A note on Modernism
A note on Sociological criticism
Russian Formalism
John Crowe Ransom’s views on Criticism
T.S. Eliot and his ‘Tradition and the Individual Talent’
I.A. Richards on ‘The Four Kinds of Meaning’
Marxist Criticism
Psycho-analytical School of Criticism
‘Stylistics’ by H.K. Widdowson.
Derrida’s theory of Deconstruction.
Roland Barthes’ ‘The Death of the Author’
Northrop Frye’s Archetypal Literary Criticism
Jean Paul Sartre’s Existentialistic Philosophy
Roman Ingarden’s contribution to Phenomenology
Rene Welleck as a critic
Theodor W. Adorno as a Western Marxist Theorist and Philosopher
Louis Althusser as a Marxist philosopher
Antonio Gramsci as a Marxist Critic
Jacques Lacan as a Psychoanalytical Critic
Gayatri Spivak as a Post-colonial Theorist
Homi Bhabha as a Post-colonial Theorist
Edward Said’s views on ‘Orientalism’
Ferdinand de Saussure’s Linguistic Theories
Frantz Fanon’s Theory of Decolonization
F.R. Leavis and Moral Formalism
Mikhail Bakhtin as a Russian Formalist
Georgy Lukacs as a Marxist Critic and Theoretician
Simone de Beavoir as a Feminist Philosopher and Critic
Germaine Greer as a Feminist
Julia Kristeva’s contribution to Feminism
Luce Irigaray and her contribution to Feminism
Toril Moi’s views in ‘What’s a Woman?’ and ‘Sexual /Textual Politics’
Bell Hooks’ Feminist Theory in ‘Aint I a woman?’
Critical concept and terms.
Major 20th century critics and their key texts

Dr. Dushyant Nimavat is an associate professor in English, Department of English, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Gujarat. He has written 35 research papers and articles in journals and books. He has also 9 books to his credit. He has been associated with seven international research journals as a member of editorial board. He is also interested in motivational seminars and has conducted seminars for students in association with reputed print media houses like Indian Express and The Times of India. He is interested in comparative literature, diaspora and cultural writings, communication skills, translation studies and use of ICT in teaching. His doctoral study is on Diasporic sensibilities in the poetry of Meena Alexander, Sujata Bhatt, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and Moniza Alvi.


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