Punctuation and its Allies

by B.K. Pattanayak, pp.104, Price: Rs. 40.00, ISBN 978-81-7977-280-5
It is an ideal guide, a short but comprehensive book for those who wish to write good and intelligible English. It contains simple and brief explanations of punctuation marks, their conventional rules as well as modern usage from the stand point of British and American practice. The book aims to provide as easy understanding of the technicalities of English language and the role of punctuation on them.
CONTENTS: An Introduction to punctuation; Abbreviation; Apostrophe; Brackets; Capitalization; Colon; Comma; Dash; Ellipsis; Exclamation Mark; Full Stop; Hyphen; Italics; Numerals; Question Mark; Quotation Marks; Semicolon; Slash; Select Bibliography

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