Collection of Poems

by Arbind Kumar Choudhary

ISBN 978-81-7977-418-2

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This long contemplation of love spun out in short-line quatrains embraces eros, breath of life and the more high-minded idealization of human romantic love drawing upon western culture from ancient Greek mythology to the very contemporary aspects of torrid desire.
John. B. Lee, Poet Laureate of Brantford, Canada.

These quatrains are on diverse facets of love, including physical and metaphysical. Some quatrains define love and some love’s outgrowth. In some quatrains the first lines rhyme with the second and in some with the third or the fourth. This variance is to avoid monotony and also to suggest that love itself does not embody any set rules. These witty or satirical quatrains articulate the thoughts and observations of a sage on an epigrammatical landscape of a notable individuality. Where there is any need, the sage draws on French and Latin expressions.
Stephen Gill, Poet Laureate of Anstead, Adjunct Professor, E-A U Canada

What is real love? There are so many variations of this most beautiful phenomenon in life: a child’s love, motherly love, young love, the love of a married couple, the transcendental love, the love to animals and plants, the love to all beautiful things as such. Maybe love will even break if we try to define it precisely, because we can only approach love in concentric circles. Probably we can describe love only with the resources of poetry, as it is done in Arbind Choudhary’s sensitive and accurate way. He shows that love can only exist when it is not egoistical, when we have no eye to one’s own interest.  The poems, one truer than the other, one more beautiful than the other, implant love in our heart. So poetically described, love is never lost.
Kurt.F.Svatek, Austria

Arbind Kumar Choudhary’s poetry collection Love is a must for everyone who is emotionally involved, for all romantics, and most of all for those that enjoy alluring words that entice mind and body into a special state of well being.
In India, this book may not only have an aphrodisiac effect on lovers, it will be read and enjoyed for the sentiments expressed by the poet.
Les Merton, Editor/Founder of Poetry Cornwall & Bard of Gorseth Kernow, England

Dr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary (b 1965) is the founding father of International Association of Poets, Essayists and Novelists(2006) at Begusarai, Bihar and one of the founding members of World Literature Society, Agartala, cum editor of two reputed literary magazines Kohinoor and Ayush known globally amidst the creative milieu. Some of his poems are translated into Portuguese, German, Greece, Maltese, Mongolian and several Indian languages . He has been published in England, Greece, Malta, Mangolia, and Cyprus .There are one thousand poems in English on websites of many poetry societies including six poetry collections entitled 1. Eternal Voices(2007), 2. Universal Voices(2008), 3. My Songs (2008), 4. Melody (2009), 5. Nature Poems (2010) and 6. Love Poems (2010) to his credit. He is viewed, reviewed and interviewed globally. He has also interviewed prominent literary luminaries such as Teresinka Pereira, John .B. Lee, Stephen Gill, Kurt. F. Svatek, Joy Rainey King, Paul Curtis, Charu Sheel Singh, D.C.Chambial, M.Chaturvedi and many others known globally. He is included in the advisory board of Guild of Indian Writers, Editors and Critics and Poetcrit, and editorial board member of IJELL, literary journals of global repute. He is included in Cambridge Dictionary of International Writers in 2009, World Poetry Almanac, Ulaanbator, 2008 & 2009 and International Writers Dictionary, Seoul,2010.There are more than a dozen research papers published on his poetry collections in leading journals of India. Dr. Choudhary has been honoured with Life Time Achievement Award (2009) and Honorary Member (2010) by International Poets Academy, Chennai and International Writers and Artists Association, USA respectively for his grand service to literary world. Dr. A.K.Thakur, Associate Prof of English, D.S.College, Katihar, has edited a critical anthology on his works entitled Poetic Pigments of Poet Arbind Kumar Choudhary (2010). Presently Dr. A.K. Choudhary is heading the Deptt. of English at R.C. College, Majuli, Assam 785104, India.

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