by Manindranath Sinha

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The study of Rhetoric and Prosody is a must for those who want to speak and write elegantly, focefully and impressively. A good knowledge of grammar helps us to express ourselves correctly, but it cannot make us express our thoughts in a charming and agreeable way. It is the knowledge of the rhetoric (ie. figures of speech) which enables us to do so. Anybody who has read Shakespeare's Julius Caesar knows how Antony, by the clever and good use of some figures of speech, swept of the hostile Roman mob, and won them to his side.
This manual has been written specially for students reading in the colleges of various Indian Universities. It has been written strictly on practical lines. A merely theoritical knowledge of the rules and principles of Rhetoric and Prosody is of little practical use, so at every step varied examples, specimens of model anaswers have been provided to illustrate these rules. Exercises have been appended at the end of each chapter to enable the students to put in practice what they have learnt in theory.

List of Contents :

        Introduction to Rhetoric
I. Figures of Speech, Exercise
II. Figures of Speech (Contd.) [Figures of Speech in Important passages explained] Exercise
III. The Choice of Words, Exercise
IV. The Sentence, Exercise
V. The Paragraph, Exercise
VI. The Qualities of Good Composition, Exercise

VII. Prosody
VIII. Prosody (Contd.) [A few Specimens of Scanned Passages], Exercise
IX. Rhyme (Rime)
X. Appendix-I, Exercise
XI. Appendix-II, Exercise
XII. Index

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