Robert Frost: A Study of His Select Poems

by: A.N. Dwivedi

ISBN 978-81-7977-382-6

pp.: 212 + viii

Price: Rs. 80.00 (for students)
        : Rs. 150.00 (for institutes and libraries)

List of Contents

The Age of Robert Frost
Robert Frost Life and Works
Frost’s conception of Poetry
Frost’s Poetic Diction
Frost’s Lyricism
Robert Frost as a Poetic Artist
Frost As a Modern Poet
The Major Themes of Robert Frost
Frost As An American Poet
Frost As a Thinker
Frost As The Spiritual Drifter
A Certain Morbidness in Frost Poetry
Frost As a Nature Poet
The Pastoral Element in Frost’s Poetry
Symbolism in Frost’s Poetry
Frost’s Treatment of Man
Chronology of Important Dates
Critical Notes, Allusions and Paraphrase
Two Tramps in Mud Time
Mending Wall
The Road Not Taken
Fire and Ice
The Death of The Hired Man
Home Burial
After Apple-Picking
The Wood Pile
Brown’s Descent
The Vanishing Red
Nothing Gold can Stay
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
The Need of Being Versed in Country Things
Acquainted with the Night
West-Running Brook
Desert Places
The Gift Outright
A Considerable Speck

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