PGT/TGT Revision Book with Solved and Model Papers


Sudhir K. Arora

ISBN 978-81-7977-579-0

Size : (9 X 11.5) inches (untrimmed)

pp. : 164 + iv

Price : Rs. 170.00

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First edition is also available

Why do the aspirants need a revision book? The aspirants study in detail but begin to forget soon. Psychologically it is believed that the studied matter begin to slip from the memory if it is not revised once in a week. Here is the revision book, which will help them in revising all the important and relevant facts. 

Sometimes it is seen that the aspirants apply and, somehow, due to circumstances they fail to study in detail. As the examinations approach, they long for a book that may give them a feel of the examinations as well as the significant knowledge of the questions that are often asked in the examinations. If the aspirants have a sound knowledge of Grammar and are smart enough to choose the right option, the present book is going to be a friend in need. 

The book is of much help to the intelligent aspirants who appear at the examinations but unfortunately miss the target by a few marks. Such aspirants wish to judge themselves at every step. Here is the book that will prove to be a touchstone for evaluation. They can evaluate themselves through the chapter ‘Know your Score’ and also by solving the model / practice papers, which are designed strictly in conformity with the latest pattern of the examination papers. It will be helpful not only in knowing the position of their preparation but also in revising the studied matter. Solved papers of previous examinations will give an orientation to the aspirants, who may become mentally prepared to face the examinations confidently and accurately. Hence, the book is complete in itself for the last minute revision.  

How to crack PGT/TGT examinations 
English Literature: Some Basic Facts
Prescribed Authors in PGT and their Works
Prescribed Authors in TGT and their Works
Literary Awards and Winners
Solved PGT Examination Papers
Solved TGT Examinatioin Papers
Know your Score : QUESTION BANK 
Model/Practice Paper for PGT Examination
Model/Practice Paper for TGT Examination

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